We’re Open!

30/05/22 Opening Our Doors!

Starting this project in January of 2020 with the initial fundraising done on our GoFundMe page, we would have never imagined that we would be where we are today.

On the 17th of May, after 6 months on-site, overseeing the build, the new kindergarten finally opened it’s doors to welcome the children in to begin classes. (Metaphorically I must add as we have yet to install the doors!)

This truly has been the most rewarding project and to see the children working at their desks this morning and playing in their new space has me overcome with joy. 

We are so grateful for all of or sponsors along with those of you that have so generously donated towards this project and those of you that have supported me personally throughout this project. You have helped make a reality of a dream we once thought was intangible, and it is because of you that these children are able to gain a proper education. 

It goes without saying that Sri Lanka’s current economic crisis is having a dire effect on those who call this country their home. As we entered the final weeks of construction towards the end of March, I was beginning to experience first-hand the effects of this, particularly with regards to the inflation of building supplies and imported goods, encouraging us to put a hold on finishing construction until it becomes feasible to continue. Since then the difficulties have escalated and the inflation is now running at more than 50% with PM Ranil Wickremesinghe declaring that Sri Lanka is now a “bankrupt country”. Despite many schools being instructed to close their doors in a bid to save energy, Happy Kids Kindergarten is still open and running classes. 

Despite opening the kindergarten now, we still have quite a bit of growth awaiting us; doors, windows and the playground. Future fundraising events are in the works and Angelica’s fundraiser is ongoing.