Food For Thought

20/11/2022 A Huge Success!

We have had a huge success with our first* Food for Thought fundraiser we did this August!

It goes without saying that Sri Lanka’s current economic crisis is having a dire effect on those who call this country their home. As we entered the final weeks of construction towards the end of March, I was beginning to experience the effects of this first-hand, particularly with regards to the inflated costs of building supplies and imported goods, encouraging us to put a hold on finishing construction until it becomes feasible to continue. Since then the difficulties have escalated and the inflation is now running at more than 50% with PM Ranil Wickremesinghe declaring that Sri Lanka is now a “bankrupt country”. Despite many schools being instructed to close their doors in a bid to save energy, fortunately our kindergarten is still open and running classes.

Rather than raising money to continue the building project, we decided shift our focus towards the families in the area who are struggling to provide during this time.

Currently many of the villagers are surviving off of only one meal a day due to the inflation of food prices. Struggle like this is prevalent throughout the country, around 3 in 10 households (over 6 million people) are currently food insecure with food inflation now at 57.4% (as of June).

Thanks to generous donations, we were able to provide 50 food packs to local families. The boxes were each filled with food, household essentials, toiletries and hygiene products for a whole family.

Thank you, we are extremely grateful for your support!

* This particular fundraiser may be over but we hope to be able to continue providing food packs over the coming months by setting aside a portion of the money raised in our upcoming fundraisers and putting it towards this cause.