Kindergarten For Akurala

Registered Charity Number 1194950

Our Mission
Here at KFA, our aim is to improve the educational facilities available to the children of Akurala, a small village in the South of Sri Lanka.
We are currently aiming to fund the build of a new premises for a kindergarten in the heart of the village of Akurala to obviate the need for pre-school children to travel and thereby encourage attendance. By raising money for the initial build costs and contributing to the on-going costs, KFA hopes that the kindergarten can provide an early introduction to spoken English, maximising the children of Akurala's opportunities at preparatory school and beyond. The land has been acquired by Charith Jayaratna, a resident of Akurala who is keen to see the kindergarten situated on the site. Currently the under 5s that are unable to travel to and from the nearest kindergarten meet in a local house with no sanitation facilities, or failing that some do not attend kindergarten at all. This puts these already under-privileged children at a disadvantage when starting preparatory school.

By providing these children with the best possible early years of education, we hope that this will in turn help their parents as well as the wider community.