“Hi everyone, thank you for considering purchasing one of our custom-made tote bags in aid of Kindergarten For Akurala (KFA)! My name is Angelica Masters and I have teamed up with Mini Mitchell, Chairperson of KFA, to create this fundraiser to reach that final hurdle of this incredible mission that will make such a huge impact on many children's’ lives. I have just returned from 3 weeks in Sri Lanka having worked with the children that will be so positively impacted by this new opportunity for education that Mini’s kindergarten presents. I was lucky enough to witness a significant portion of the construction of the new kindergarten as well as see first-hand what Mini’s job entails on a daily basis and just how hard she has worked to make this dream come to fruition.

However, like all charities, this dream cannot be achieved alone, therefore Mini and I created this fundraiser whereby we asked all of the kindergarten children to draw a picture, whether it be of their family, their pets or even a cricket bat. Mini then applied her graphic design knowledge to turn this into a digital print, which we have now had custom ordered onto the front of tote bags. As my donation to KFA, I provided the funds to make these bags with the ethical and anti-fast fashion company, Cotton Bag Co., which uses 100% recycled materials for all of their products. This means that all donations provided via purchasing one of these bags will go directly to KFA.”

The 8oz organic canvas bags have the collaborative design created by our kindergarten students printed on one side. We must note we only have a limited quantity of these!
Angelica’s fundraiser  imageAngelica’s fundraiser  image
We have temporarily disabled the option to order tote bags through the website in order to make room for another fundraiser. If you would like to purchase a tote bag at this time, please get in contact with us through instagram ( @kindergartenforakurala ) or via the contact us section of our website. Thanks!