School Supplies Fundraiser

07/01/22 It’s That Time Again!

As a new school year rolls around, the local parents are met with the challenge of providing their children with necessary school supplies needed to attend kindergarten or grade 1. KFA hopes to be able to sponsor all applicants to our kindergarten and applicants for Grade 1 at the local preparatory school by providing them with these supplies. By doing so, we would enable these children to receive these vital early years to their education.

At the beginning of last school year, we set out to purchase masks, shoes, bags, books and stationery for all of the children in both the kindergarten and Grade 1 at the local school. Upon announcing that we would do this, the applicants for the new year doubled! The fundraising was a huge success and we managed to sponsor all 35 children!

We’re hoping to be able to do the same thing again this year with the support of our gorgeous Teagan Galloway!

Teagan: “ As I was unfortunately unable to make it out to Sri Lanka this holiday, I’ve decided to try and support and fundraise for the kindergarten in another way. I’m going to attempt to complete an Iron Man over the period of five days without any training. This endeavour will include roughly 1/2 a mile of swimming, 6 miles of running and a spin class everyday for five days in a row (from the 17th of Jan to the 22nd). Any donations would be greatly appreciated and I will be posting updates as I complete this challenge!! Thank you all :))”


A HUGE thank you is in order for all of those who so generously donated to this fundraiser, and of course to Teagan for her incredible fundraising efforts! We were able to raise just over £800 which has been used to purchase stationery supplies, bags, shoes, masks and new uniform for all of our 19 kindergarten children attending this year, along with 8 of our kindergarten children who are now going into Grade 1! The rest of the money will now be used to do the same for the remaining Grade 1 children. 

Your support and generosity has now enabled us to sponsor another 27 children through their first years of primary education, thank you again!