Our First Mission


We recently set up a Gofundme page with the aim to raise money to purchase new desks and chairs for the kindergarten along with school supplies such as masks, shoes, bags and stationary for both the kindergarten and the local preparatory school. From art sales along with your generous donations we were able to raise £1,200 and therefore purchase these much-needed school supplies. Once it was announced that we were able to sponsor these children's schooling with the money that we had raised, the number of children enrolling in both the kindergarten and the local school doubled. The difference we have made already is huge, but the children still need your help! 

"Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the village school principal invited me to help rebuild the school and conserve it for the future generations, I happily joined him to do this life rewarding activity. I promised him that I would provide all of the stationary, shoes and bags for the kids. I knew that this would be a great relief for the parents of those kids. I am very happy that I had Mini with me to support me in creating a better education for these little ones. From the money you have raised, I have bought and distributed all of the bags and stationary for the kindergarten kids. I was also able to buy twenty tables and chairs so now each kid has their own. On the 15th of February, the village school starts and as the villagers know that we are able to sponsor them, we have received 25 new applications! You should all be so proud because over 40 under-privileged students here in Sri Lanka are now schooling properly because of you!" - Charith  (Overseer of the Kindergarten)