A New Goal


The Kindergarten is currently being held in a loaned building which is far from the village centre and doesn't have the necessary sanitary facilities, electricity or water supply. We want to be able to enrich these children with a proper education in a proper environment. This could be done by providing them with a new premises in the heart of the village. The location of this new premises will be near the volunteers accommodation allowing for the children to be immersed in the English language from a young age which will encourage their learning. This will be incredibly beneficial for the children as the hospitality and tourism industry is an integral part of the economy and learning English will provide these children with the best possible start to their education.

This premises is currently home to the turtle hatchery which gives us the perfect opportunity to refine the syllabus of the kindergarten to encourage these children's environmental awareness from a young age. In discussion with the architect for this project, we have decided that the kindergarten will be built in an eco concept to keep in line with the values channeled in the curriculum. The building will be complete with both an indoor and outdoor classroom area, a separate eating area, washrooms, and a fully equipped playground and garden, along with electricity, all of which these children don't currently have.